Promotion of arts and culture of Kerala has been one of the aims of the University of Calicut. As a part of realizing this objective, the Department of Malayalam was set up in 1971 under the leadership of the renowned Malayalam scholar and literary critic Dr. Sukumar Azhicode.
From its very inception, the Department has laid emphasis on literary criticism, theories of literature (both Western and Indian) and translation and reinterpretations of ancient Indian texts. Such concerted efforts have resulted in scores of scholarly publications of enduring value. In view of the fact that the Northern districts of Kerala are a treasure house of original palm-leaf manuscripts of Sanskrit and Malayalam works, the Department has collected, catalogued and preserved over 10,000 palm-leaf manuscripts. The collection is now named as Thunchan Manuscript Repository. Two catalogue volumes of this repository have been published. A few more are due soon. 

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