Within a short span of time, less than a decade, the Department could prove ‘its’ worth in creating an awareness about the nature and applications of the discipline in the northern part of Kerala which was educationally and developmentally lagging behind. Starting with B.Sc programmes focusing on Counselling Psychology,  the Department is heading towards M. Sc programme. Introduction of Credit Semester System by the University has helped the Department to widen the horizon of teaching and research including more streamlined specializations. At present, the UG curriculum covers key  areas of Psychology such as General Psychology, Physiological Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Psychological Research, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Personality and Personal growth, Experimental Psychology, Life skill development, Educational Psychology and Psychotherapy and internship besides the core subject. The Graduation brings professional excellency in providing psychotherapy and counselling whom needed.

Besides academic credentials, the Department has one of the best Laboratories in India with more than 300 equipments and test materials in addition to tests developed in the Department. The Department also has the best Departmental Library in the State with around 3650 books and a good collection of back volumes of journals.

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